These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Transit conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Put your archive data on ice with new storage offering (01-08-2020)
Table of Contents 365 RFCs (免费梯子)
What is an API Portal? Get the facts (10-14-2019)
The future of tracing is open (09-11-2019) 挂梯子
Announcing MapTiler Cloud geocoding API (09-11-2019)
Standards drive innovation and user experience (09-02-2019)
Why a 100 (09-01-2019)
Enhancing Data Privacy in Healthcare with Automated Data Governance (08-30-2019) 爬墙梯子外网
爬梯下载_爬梯手机版下载【官方安卓版】-太平洋下载中心:2021-8-28 · 爬梯 1.0.1 更新内容: 一款针对年轻人的社交产品,通过有诚信的在线上发布活动,其他人进行报名,从而促成线下的交流聚会。长沙艾派网络科技 ... (08-29-2019)
New Botnet Targets Android Set (08-28-2019)
Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun is coming to Disrupt SF (08-27-2019)
爬墙梯子 (08-26-2019)
如何快速的访问国外网站?-优与云资讯中心:2021-1-14 · 实力爬墙,V2ray和SS客户端使用教程 2021-10-24 免费申请国外个人VPS 2021-08-27 实力爬墙,手把手教你搭建V2ray和SS 2021-10-24 申请谷歌云免费vps服务器教程 2021-08-29 亚马逊AWS申请免费云服务器教程 2021-08-29 (08-23-2019) 免费梯子
Bugged cell location data prompts Denmark to review 10,000 court cases (08-23-2019) 挂梯子
Partner Perspective: We Are Listening (08-23-2019)
Reactive Spring: Define a REST Endpoint as a Continuous Stream (08-22-2019) 挂梯子
娘子,为夫陪你爬墙最新章节_娘子,为夫陪你爬墙免费全文 ...:娘子,为夫陪你爬墙(大结局) 炎烈苏醒(结局进行时) 又是洞房花烛夜!(结局进行时) 四夫娶进门(结局倒计时) 云苍大陆的灰姑娘 沐小小和月晨熹的交易 洞房花烛夜,女皇殡天时 大婚 提亲 我要结婚了! 女皇的心愿 傻影儿 三个选择 (08-21-2019)
Introducing the Wild West of Federal Government Websites (爬墙梯子) 免费梯子
Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid (08-20-2019)
带游客逃票、搭梯子翻墙 香山公园里拉黑活太猖獗_中国经济 ...:2021-4-18 · 带游客逃票 搭梯子翻墙 载客闯防火道 香山公园里拉黑活太猖獗 带领游客翻墙而过。 两名喊活儿的(左、中)正在登记游客数量。 春季的香山,虽然已没有漫山红叶,但苍翠中装点着新绿,应和着山桃、山杏的绽放,别有一番情致。 (08-19-2019) 爬墙梯子
On (08-19-2019)
API and data visualization out of the box [not so obvious gallery] (爬墙梯子外网)
Found: World (08-14-2019) 好用的梯子

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.


These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.


This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

CandyBarClient好用的梯子Coda 2Coda iOSCode EditorDesktasticDiet CodaFirewatchFTPFTP ClientsGoose GameIconsIDEIOSIPadMac OSMacintoshmacos挂梯子PlaydateSoftwareStattooTransitTransmitTransmit iOSTransportationUnisonUntitled Goose GameUsenet

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.

relevant work: | 免费梯子 |

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